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15 before 30

15 before 30

I was kept up last night with constant nagging thoughts in my mind. We’ve all had those nights where we go to bed feeling tired but then when you get into bed you mind won’t shut the hell up. Last night I was kept up with thoughts about the fact that I’m closer to 30 now than I am to 20. My 25 year old stupid brain started having a freakout. Defeated from sleep, I headed to the living room and left Dan in bed. Fluffy was pretty chuffed that I was in my comfy dressing gown so she could knead the hell out of it whilst purring her little furry face off.

When I was 20 I wrote a 30 before 30 list where I wrote down all the things that I’d like to do before I turn 30. Fast forward 5 years later and I haven’t completed much on that list. Admittedly, over the last 5 years my achievements and ambitions have changed and I no longer feel like the 30 before 30 list I wrote when I was 20 are relevant now. Things that interested me 5 years ago no longer interest me in the same way now. With those thoughts in my mind, it led me to wondering whether I do too much moaning and not enough doing. I figured that it’s time that I need;

1. A serious attitude shift

2. Be less harsh on myself. I’ve done well so far especially with the crap that’s been thrown at me where I feel like I’ve put my life on hold for almost 2 years. (Previous blog post: Drinking to Oblivion - my personal experience with having an alcoholic loved one).

3. I need to do more things that I enjoy and make me happy.

Dan is always telling me that I seem to glow and be happy when I’m doing things that I enjoy rather than sitting on the couch moaning about things (and boy can I moan). And he’s right. When I’m productive I do enjoy what I do and I get a real buzz out of life. I just seem to find it difficult to have the immediate get up and go attitude that I need to get stuff done in the first place. 

So, I’ll make an attempt to rewrite my 30 before 30 list and see how we get on with that. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at my previous 30 before 30 so I’ll re-write my new list without looking at my old list.

When I wrote my original 30 before 30 list when I was 20 – I had 10 years whereas now I have half of that time. 5 years isn’t too long to get stuff done! (Especially when I moan a lot as mentioned earlier.) Maybe because I’ve got half the time I should aim for 15 things before 30? Yes, let’s go with that.

1. Accept a marriage proposal (these are in no particular order FYI. They could be. But they aren’t)

2. Get married

3. Run the London Marathon

4. Keep my own bees, harvest my own honey and sell it under my name

5. Write a book and have it published

6. Travel to 5 more countries (Argentina being one of them)

7. Buy my own home (complete with driveway, garden & cat flap)

8. Own an original Jimi Hendrix vinyl

9. See the Northern Lights.

10. Cycle around Holland (used to do this for family holiday when I was a kid and I loved it).

11. Be Creative Director of a well performing business called BeeLoved

12. Get another tattoo

13. Build a guitar from scratch

14. Buy myself a beautiful antique ring

15. Be in the process of setting up an antique business

So, here’s my final 15 before 30 list.

Best get cracka’lacking.

And for anyone who’s interested, you can see my old 30 before 30 list on my old blog here.


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