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Ruthay's Reads

Ruthay's Reads

(I've had to backdate this post because I forgot to renew my old site and GoDaddy deleted it)

This page is dedicated to my new little project which is called 'Ruth's Reads.' What I'm simply doing is slowly going through the too-many-too-count unread books on my bookshelf that I've collected over the years.

Boundaries --Henry Cloud, John Townsend (still reading)

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up --Marie Kondo (still reading)

Go Set A Watchman --Harper Lee (still reading)

The Bees --Laline Paull (still reading)

Lucky --Professor Green (still reading)

The Red Queen --Philippa Gregory

The Taming of the Queen --Philippa Gregory

The Other Boleyn Girl --Philippa Gregory

Of Mice and Men --John Steinbeck

Wild --Cheryl Strayed

The Fault in Our Stars --John Green

Paper Towns --John Green

The Wild One --Gemma Burgess

A Girl Like You --Gemma Burgess

The Story of Us --Dani Atkins

Philomena: The true story of a mother and the son she had to give away --Martin Sixsmith

The Martian --Andy Weir

Child 44 --Tom Rob Smith

To Kill A Mockingbird --Harper Lee

A Buzz in the Meadow --Dave Goulson


15th December 2014
Leaving Time --Jodi Picoult
Rating 5/5

16th November 2014
Songs of the Humpback Whale --Jodi Picoult
Rating 5/5

19th October 2014
A sting in the tale --Dave Goulson
Rating 5/5

12th September 2014
The Goldfinch --Donna Tartt
Rating 5/5

7th September 2014
Many Masters, Many Lives --Dr Brian Weiss
Rating 5/5

26th August 2014
Before I Go To Sleep --S. J. Watson
Rating 5/5

4th August 2014
Keeping Faith --Jodi Picoult
Rating 5/5

3rd August 2014
Replay --Ken Grimwood
Rating 5/5

12th July 2014
The Pact --Jodi Picoult
Rating 4/5

7th July 2014
Fractured --Dani Atkins
Rating 3/5

22nd June 2014
The Lone Wolf --Jodi Picoult
Rating 4/5

4th June 2014
The Storyteller --Jodi Picoult
Rating 5/5

15th May 2014
The RailwayMan --Eric Lomax
Rating 5/5

20th April 2014
Everything is Illuminated --Jonathan Safran Foer
Rating 4/5

10th April 2014
My Sister's Keeper --Jodi Picoult
Rating 4/5

23rd March 2014
Eat, Pray, Love --Elizabeth Gilbert
Rating 5/5

4th March 2014
Life after life --Kate Atkinson
Rating 5/5

4th February 2014
The Dating Detox --Gemma Burgess
Rating 5/5

3rd February 2014
Mad About the boy --Helen Fielding
Rating 5/5

27th January 2014
The Husband's Secret --Liane Moriarty
Rating 5/5

14th January 2014
12 Years A Slave --Soloman Northup
Rating 5/5

7th January 2014
And the Mountains Echoed --Khaled Hosseini
Rating 5/5

19th October 2013
'21 Speeches That Shaped Our World' --Chris Abbott

15 August 2013
'When God was a Rabbit' --Sarah Winman

22 May 2013
'Enna Burning' --Shannon Hale
Rating 3/5

15th May 2013
'The Goose Girl' --Shannon Hale
Rating 4/5

The one time I was Twitter famous

The one time I was Twitter famous

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Letter Press: New North Press