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Second Weekend of May - Beeloved Stall / Kew Gardens

Second Weekend of May - Beeloved Stall / Kew Gardens

It's been another busy weekend for the Haigh-Clune household. Don't worry though, we managed to find time to bask in the sun. 

On Friday night Dan drove us up to Hull. On Saturday it was my mum's first stall for Beeloved. Dan and I had prepared some of the stall material and we wanted to help her set up and support her. We didn't get to Hull until 12:45 thanks to the ridiculous "road works" on the M1 which had added at least 45 minutes onto our journey. And trust me, when you don't stop for a 4 hours drive, an extra 45 minutes is hell on the bladder. 

Saturday greeted us with an 7am alarm with clouds and mist. We headed to the place to set up the stall. It took us about an hour to get everything set up and once we were, we took some great pictures and waited for our customer. Unfortunately for us, the event holders did a piss poor job at promoting the event. (Throughout the week I contacted BBC Humberside where I was radio famous 3-4 times. (Twitter famous and now radio famous!) The event holders initially charged a lot on the door which after 3 hours, was free. Just as well, really. We sold a couple of jars of honey, a bracelet and had a lot of interest and people trying the honey.

I mentioned to my mum's business partner, Chris that I am hoping to manage some hives in London this year and they both ordered to get me a bee keepers starter kit complete with smoker and bee suit! So chuffed! 

We also had the pleasure of our friend, Shadow Attorney General and East Hull MP Karl Turner support our stall along with his wife, Leanne and their new beautiful addition to their family, Stella-Mae. Karl and Leanne had a good chin-wag with us and even took a picture which he kindly posted on his Twitter. 


At around 4pm, we started to pack up the stall and head home where mum treated us to a Chinese (hell to the yes) before we set back off to London (added another 45 minutes on our journey because the iconography was crap when trying to direct the traffic to "follow the square symbol for M1 South" which not only took us directly though Leicester but which changed colour and size 3 times on our journey. Shocking design.)

We finally got home, got ourselves to bed. We figured since it was busy day, we'd want to relax on Sunday. Sunday came and it was absolutely glorious so Dan suggested going to Kew Gardens, which I'd never been to before. It's quite bad that I've never been since it's literally like 3 stops on the Overground from us. Dan had previously done some work there for a client of his. 


If you haven't been, go. And get the yearly membership. I'll certainly be going back again. It's absolutely beautiful and so much to see and do. (wear comfy footwear though, take a blanket and a bottle of water. Oh, and some change for the ice cream stand.)


We headed there and walked around for a couple of hours stopping for a delicious yet over-priced lunch followed by honey comb ice-cream. I'm super excited about the new feature there called 'The Hive' which is coming in the Summer which is an immersive experience to celebrate the honey bee. Can't wait to go and see it. You can read more about it here. 


The sun barely touched my milk bottle skin but Dan got a lovely Italian glow about him. Man, I dislike him so much for being able to tan well. When the dreaded achey feet set in , we headed up and picked up some ginger beer and ice on the way home. Perfect way to end the day.

Hands-on in the hive!

Hands-on in the hive!

15 before 30

15 before 30