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Bank Holiday Weekend / Murdock / Albam / Great Food

Bank Holiday Weekend / Murdock / Albam / Great Food

May oh May. How I love you and your bank holiday. 

This bank holiday goes against my normal bank holidays (staying in my comfies, sleeping and eating). But I'd been looking forward to this bank holiday because earlier on in the week I received an email saying that I'd won £500 worth of shopping vouchers for Albam Clothing curtesy of Murdock. I rarely enter competitions but I entered this one on a whim because I'd bought Dan's traditional shaving gear from Murdock and I just happened to receive an email to enter a competition. So I did. I was pretty chuffed and it meant that I got to take Dan shopping for some top quality clothing. Albam is a brilliant brand with a brilliant ethos. They design all of their clothes in the UK and they're produced in either the UK or Portugal. 

I booked Dan in for a haircut at Murdock London because I figured if he's gonna get some dapper clothes, he's gotta look dapper. We headed to Murdock in Convent Garden on Saturday and  whilst we were waiting, Dan enjoyed a beer whilst I had a coffee. The shop has a great vibe and was so great to see traditional shaving still being practiced in a very modern environment. The barber was named Joe and he did a great job on Dan's hair. It's the first time Dan had walked out anyway saying "He actually cut it how I wanted it.". I'd definitely recommend Joe P at Murdock in Covent Garden. 

Dan looked fresh now so we headed for some lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho & Bun in Soho. Dan booked us a table and I love Vietnamese and Thai so he was onto a winner there. It was really good. Vietnamese food is so flavoursome but it's also filling and light so it don't feel like you've over eaten or sit heavy in your tum (which was good for Dan since he was sure he wanted to buy some jeans and you know, we don't have Joey's pants with 'a lot of give'. (friends joke btw.) We headed to some of the Chinese shops and reminisced about living in Hong Kong and the food there. 

After lunch we headed to Albam on Henrietta Street. We were helped by a very nice American chap working in the store who was super helpful with Dan to find his sizes. Dan tried on some jeans, and for anyone who knows Dan will know he's on the shorter side so we definitely needed to get them taken up. Apparently the stitching on the jeans were pretty unusual and only one guy in London does the same stitch who was based in Shoreditch 'Son of Stag', so we planned to go there to get them taken up. (Since we've gotten home, Dan said they're the comfiest jeans he's owned. Win) Dan got some great shirts and jumpers (majority was blue which the chap helping us suggested 'Don't wear it all at once 'cause you'll look like a cop'. He was a sound guy who knew his clothing. Thanks for helping us pick out some great stuff and sorry for going against your advice which was 1. Don't spend the voucher all at once. 2. The clothes come in colours which aren't blue. 


We headed to Shoreditch. OH MY GOD, we saw a dog walking around with glasses on. Just walking around wearing glasses. They weren't Doggles. Actual hipster glasses. Just walking around. It was amazing. So after the excitement of a dog wearing glasses, we headed to Son of Stag. The guy there knew immediately they were Albam jeans. He measured them and took them up there and then. Job's a good'un! Spitalfields was next door so we had a look there and waited a million years for the toilet and cash point.

Dan told me ages ago about a restaurant called Bird who do amazing fried chicken and has great interior design and branding so we headed there and bumped into my colleague Jenni on the way (Hey Jenni!). It seemed like a great spring/summer evening so we didn't wanna rush home. If you're ever in Shoreditch, go to Bird. It was seriously good! It's basically KFC but like 20 times better and less greasy. And the people that work there don't look like they hate life either. So after a delicious dinner, we finally headed home. We settled in and slouched all night.


Sunday was just as good - we went onto the high street to pick up breakfast/ lunch. Dan booked us tickets to see The Jungle Book at Shepherd's Bush so we looked around Westfield before heading to the film. It was brilliant. I grew up watching Disney, and have a vague recollection of The Jungle Book and reading it/ seeing the film but I thought this version was great. The effects were incredible and the little boy who played Mowgli was brilliant. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for honey bees and honey and I loved the jokes they made. *Spoiler Alert*

When Mowgli finds sanctuary in Baloo, Baloo convinces Mowgli to use his man skills to help him get some honey from the top of a cliff. Mowgli shouts "Are they gonna sting me?" and Baloo replies "No, these ones don't sting." Of course Mowgli get stung all over and comes down covered in them and says "I thought you said they didn't sting! Look at me, I'm covered!" Baloo replies "Oh, only the females sting. The males don't sting, you must have been stung by the females," I'm gonna get all bee-geeky on you here but honey bee workers in the hive are predominately female. There are male bees called Drones, but they don't sting. Basically, Baloo knew that Mowgli would get stung because the hive is full of female worker bees who all sting, but he wanted the honey so sent Mowgli up there anyway. Geeeeeeeeek.

Today was great too. I woke up, got up and then went back to bed. That's what bank holidays are about right?! I had a delivery coming so I had to stay in until it arrived. Dan and I ordered pizza, we ate pizza, the order arrived and we headed out to Greenford to get some bits and bobs for Beeloved's first stall next weekend. Seriously, how amazing is HobbyCraft?! My mum has her first stall next weekend so we went to pick up some bits. I made some bee bunting and Dan's making a vintage style chalkboard with old school typography. We also picked up some treats for Fluffy from Pets At Home and she almost got a rabbit flat-mate. But Dan said no. Sorry, Fluff.

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